Prisonyard Bootcamp

Thanks to the 19 PAX that laced them up  on and posted for my virgin Q!


The Thang

Warm up:

-Mosey out to Highland then down to school entrance and back to upper parking lot.

-21 Side Straddle Hop

-21 Arm Circles

-21 Windmills

-21 Merkins

Prison Yard Pain Stations:  3 cycles each station. In between stations run around middle school

Station 1

  • Sumo Squats with Leg Kick-20
  • Partner leg balance with Lat pull 10- each arm
  • Partner Prison Meat Lat pull thingy 15

Station 2

  • Sumo Squats on tippy toes – 20
  • Lunge with leg lift with glute pinch –  Light pole to first basket.
  • Pull Ups -10

Station 3

  • Calf Iron Cross -10 each leg
  • One legged Lunge
  • Pull Ups – 10

Finish hard with a run around Middle School to Parking lot for Mary.

  • Partner Trebuchet 15
  • Little baby Crunch 21
  • Emotional Headlock Merkins 21



On paper the workout was a fluid, leg burning, back ripping bootcamp.  In reality it was a sweaty, prison yard, cluster of a hot mess. Thanks for your patience!   The workout was meant to give the back and legs a little love due to MercVember.  A LOT of chatter about doing more merkins throughout the workout..which I learned throughout the day on the group text there is a battle between Varsity and the JV MercVember Members on whether to count the Mercans during the post or not. It was very good entertainment but not good on the phones battery life!

Once again thanks for the support on my Virgin Q!

“The Strong Shall Stand the weak will fall by the wayside!”