Run n Gun

39 degrees, light rain, high winds = miserable conditions for a beatdown for 4 faithful PAX


Mosey College of Health Parking Lot

  • SHH X 23 IC
  • Walk-out one-leg pushups 4×5
  • Squats x 20


Mosey to top of parking deck via stairwell

Partner Up – for 100 rep team effort. While one pax runs a lap, other performs excise until 100 reps are reached

  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Deerticks
  • V-ups
  • Plank

Mosey to Hospital Hill of Doom

  • Bear Crawl up, 5 Burpees at top
  • Gorilla Walk Up, 5 Burpees at top
  • Quaidmaina Up, 5 Burpees at top

Mosey to Rock Pile – Select Rock

10 curls, 10 overhead press, 10 skull crushers with our rest – rinse and repeat


  • LBCs x 20 IC
  • Box cutters (new) x 10 IC


  1. Truly horrible weather for a beatdown this AM. Had 2 options…under the shelter for core work out or a running WOD. Indiana figured we needed to run in order not to freeze to death……nice theory.
  2. Running the top of the deck in 20 mph winds is no fun. Q finally wised up and moved down a level…much better.
  3. Bet Indy will remember good gloves next time…
  4. A pleasure to lead today

That is all, Hipbone