CSAUP-obstacles and circuits


6 PAX posted on a beautiful OCTOBER morn with temps at 39 degrees.

THE MAP: Note start in bottom right corner at junction of lower lot and long driveway going up to new mulch pile. Loop is a circuit around the AO with 8 obstacles or pain stations.

Screenshot 2014-10-26 09.14.58

WARMORAMEE: PAX ran the course doing along the way doing Smurf Jacks, ISTs, Prisoner Squats, Derkins, and Dips (10 to 15 reps variable with some IC and some single count).

THE THANG:  45 minutes nonstop circuit race with obstacles or stations. Each PAX is started on a timer with each separated by 45 seconds.  WOD involves running or walking between each obstacle and trying not to be passed by PAX behind you. To be passed by another PAX incurs a penalty of 5 burpees 1st infraction, 10 2nd infraction, etc.

START OBSTACLE 1: 140 yard farmer’s walk with 2 35lb cinder blocks up the hill terminating at new mulch pile. RUN TO 2

OBSTACLE 2 : 10 Burpees over Block- one burpee is done and then you frog hop over block and do second and then repeato up to ten. RUN TO 3.

OBSTACLE 3: Into the woods to the pull up bars each PAX does 10 Toes to Bar T2B or Knees to elbows. RUN TO 4.

OBSTACLE 4: At the shelter do 10 Derkins. RUN TO 5. See curved lines on map above.

OBSTACLE 5: Each PAX does REVERSE sidewinder up hill x 3. Ascend hill backwards like in quadromania and then jog down. RUN TO 6.

OBSTACLE 6: Each PAX does 10 dips at the campfire ring near the big oak. RUN TO 7.

OBSTACLE 7: 5 Tire Flips. Now bear crawl to 8.

OBSTACLE 8: Each PAX Bear Crawls 50 yards to START. NOW RINSE AND REPEATO in REVERSE ORDER. RUN to 7, Do Tire Flips, RUN to 6, Do dips. etc all with way back down hill to start at 1 then Reverse again coming back up to 1, 2 ,3 ad nauseum.



Mosey to MARY


LBC x 15

Low Dolly x 15

Homer to Marge with low flutter x 10

Side Crunches x 20


1. Great effort by all on a killer morning.  It was cold but PAX shed clothes quickly.

2. Gloves were key to lower lot bear crawls. Im writing this on SUNDAY AM and I am pretty sore all over.

3. After the Farmer’s Walk and Burpees doing the T2B was a big hurt me. Holycow he hate burpees as do most. Try single leg burpees and you will love regular burpees.

4. As far as Q knows each PAX held his own and was not passed during event. Some PAX may have gotten winded and forgotten about the dips under the big tree? Or not.