Red Rider Red Rider, Your Post was to Inspire…

The VSF was planted and 9 men of Highlands posted for a cool mettle beatdown that was designed to be a #crowdpleaser


Mosey around park, sprint up the steps

Circle Up for :

SSH x 15IC

Bobby Hurley’s x 15IC

Merkins x 15IC

The Thang

Swings x 50

Pull-Overs x 40

Clean/Press x 30 (15 each arm)

Flutter Press x 20

Squat Press x 10

…and right back up

Swings x 10

Pull-Overs x 40

Clean/Press x 30 (15 each arm)

Flutter Press x 40

Squat Press x 50 #crowdpleaser

YHC reached into the truck bed and pulled out the 60# GORUCK sandbag and explained the next round of exercises…

Each pax would perform 15 squats under the 60# sandbag while the other pax performed AMRAP of the following:


Single Arm Swing

Round the World

Bicep Curls

Lawn Mowers

Sumo Squats

Skull Crushers

High Pulls

Derby Double Taps (WWII sit-ups with a KB tap on the back and front side of the movement)

You may thank derby for this exercise as it was an audible called by YHC after he complained about the sequence of exercises. He would’ve preferred the High Pulls after the Sumo Squats, YHC explained that this was on purpose as we prefer to practice muscle confusion in these parts.

Mosey around park…

reverse spiderman push-ups on clubhouse steps


LBC x 15IC

Peter Parker x 15IC


– Great work men. Everyone had to push themselves to finish all reps; Thanks for having me as your Q

– @Stoli I’ve never tried Mettle with a dumbbell, seemed a bit awkward at times, great job adjusting

– @Derby Swinging that 50# bell is not joke, especially getting to the higher reps, takes determination to push through…and thanks for the inspiration for the #DerbyDoubleTap

– @RedRider Great showing this Red Rider! We truly hope to see out more often, but take your time an heal properly.