Circles of Pain

Beautiful morning with no rain and perfect temperature


Mosey around ASEC to lower lot:

SSH x 20

Up hill to rock pile lot:

Cotton Pickers x 20

Arm Circles and Arm Stretches

The Thang

Run circles around ASEC stopping for various activities along the way:

Run to lot closest to entrance – 10 burpees

Run to fire circle – 20 step-ups – 10 each leg

Run to back hill – backward bear crawl up, walk down, bear crawl up, walk down, crab walk up, walk down

Run to picnic shelter – bench dips x 20

Run to lower lot – merkins x 20

Run up sidewalk by Country Club Drive with a 70% sprint to the second light pole, continuing on to the rock pile

Select rock – overhead press x 20, goblet squats x 20, curls x 20


Almost out of time, did a quick mini circle in front lots with 5 burpees and 10 merkins

Mosey to Mary


Plank activities x 2 minutes

LBCs x 30

Six inches x 1 minute

Scissors x 30 seconds

1.  Awesome job and great effort by all.
2.  Keep BooBoo’s brother in your prayers as he prepares for deployment.
3.  An honor to lead such good men.