5 PAX crawled 12 inches to the edge of the bed cliff edge and got vertical this AM.  Lots of mudders meowing and purring in prep for mudder.  WORK MAKES YOU STRONGER. F3 SETS YOU FREE.


Mosey around AO lots with high knees, high skips

20 burpees
20 Plank Jacks IC
10 Jump Lunges IC
20 Merkins
20 ALT Plank supermans


Suicides because we ain’t done that in a while and PAX love a suicide

Cones at 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards

Burpee Tire Flips

In teams of 2. PAX 1 ( AS TIMER) bear crawls 40 yards to sand bags, stands up and runs with sandbag from lower lot to upper hay bails and back. PAX 2 does ascending ladder of ONE burpee ONE tire flip, TWO burpee TWO tire flip, 3, 4, etc UNTIL relieved by his timer. SWITCH OFF AND REPEATO.

MARY 12 minutes- the following core exercises were performed in varying reps until abdomen snapped in half and time was called.
Core Killers
Elbow ups
V ups
Planks (middle, left, right)
In outs
Mason Twist
Homer to Marge
Hello Dollies


1. Welcome back to prior FNG Lee Readling NOW to be called BACKDRAFT.

2. Great effort by all. The WARM up was kinda painful starting with the 20 burpees. Q was gassed for a minute there.

3. Burpee tire flips mixed with bear crawls and running with sandbags was good and also somewhat evil. Q liked.  It got real quiet is all Im sayin.

4. CUJO had to leave early cuz he forgotted his work clothes.

5. Core Killers and V UPs cause gas to become free.

6. Thank you for letting me be your Q today. I had a blast and realize every day how blessed I am to be a part of something that sets me FREE.