Record Setting #MadSci WIB to honor ScrapIron

53 Men including 6 extra credit runners and 1 extra credit rucker joined up for a special Wednesday convergence to honor Scrappy as he passes the Mad Scientist torch to Silver Bullet.  Here is their story:


COP on the front lawn

SSH x10 (IC)

Cotton Picker x 10 (IC)

The Thang:

Partner up and meet in the basement.

Partner 1 does the posted exercise on each parking deck ramp.

Partner 2 runs to the top and then back to meet Partner 1.  Flapjack to the top.

After reaching the top, keep going all the way back down.

After reaching the bottom, Fireman (not partner, not piggyback) carry to the top while switching off as needed.

Run back to the bottom

Repeato the whole deal.

  • Ramp 1: Bear Crawl
  • Ramp 2: Crawl Bear
  • Ramp 3: Crabwalk
  • Ramp 4: Walk Crab (reverse crabwalk)
  • Ramp 5: Lunge Walk
  • Ramp 6: Broad Jump Burpee


– First of all, T-claps to Scrappy for building a great base at DPK in addition to the many other things (Herald Article, promoting local business Crafty Beer Guys, etc..).

– From my view, it was Scrappy & Burner and then everybody else.  Fast!

– T-claps to the Master Qs of the other workouts (Hippie, Omaha, Uncle Rico) for moving their workouts over to DPK for today.  Also to the MECA brothers for making the trip.

– 53 is the Mad Sci new record.  Your move Winnebago & Silver Bullet

– The Force, driving slowly past the EC runners doesn’t count as a double down.  #beforeyouask

– If anybody missed Friday, he was the orange highlighter.  Very helpful to run beside at 0500.

– Got to see Burner’s 12th leg face when suggesting a repeato.

– Great to see a few Mad Sci FNGs, and welcome to Primetime!

–  Get with me if you would consider joining a Mud Run team.  We have 2 spots we need to fill for Saturday!

– Get w/Gump if you would like to honor a Veteran in Downtown H’ville.

– Praise for Captain America’s new baby boy.  Born early this AM.

– Prayers for C-Bass as his father passed away.  Safe travels to MI.

It was an honor as always to lead these men, many thanks to Scrappy & Silver Bullet for letting me take the Q today.  And as always, thanks to Black Eyed Pea (where are you?) for introducing me to F3 and all the Pax for the accountability and fellowship!  This group is a huge blessing to me and has made me a better disciple, husband, father, son, brother and friend.  Don’t be afraid to share this, somebody is praying for it!


19 thoughts on “Record Setting #MadSci WIB to honor ScrapIron

  1. Friday

    Being my 1st MS, I’ll never forget it! Strong work @Scrappy building a great AO.

    @jolly, the reason they were fast…they didn’t follow directions! #justsayin

  2. scrappy

    Sorry I had to go shirtless. Burner was especially upset as my partner and rightfully so.

    Dallas said that Friday thought he was at GCC. Either way, thanks for coming today.

    Uncle Rico, Titan, and Omaha were there representing our weekly Wednesday workouts.

    Nice disclaimer on bring gloves. I managed to draw blood on both hands. #RawPaws

    Funniest post so far was KingFish who said, “That felt like Sharknado in a garage.”

    That was #CSAUP. T-Claps Jolly.

    1. Jolly Roger Post author

      Yeah, good call on gloves. I though about it but then I looked down and realized I was a man.
      But now, after washing my hands many times they are still stained…or bruised…or both.

  3. EtCh-A-SkEtCh

    Great Q and great AO scrap! It was funny to see everyone running around this morning.

    Great to see the Highland boys coming out to play today also.

    Scrap, what’s next?

  4. Winnebago

    @Jolly good show! That was a smoker. Having a partner made you push even harder knowing you had them waiting and didn’t want to let them down.

    @Scrappy you are a promoter at heart and in the best possible way. Creating a midweek post that has literally endless possibility that keeps having the bar raised. Can’t wait to see what your next endeavor brings.

    @Cornfed you brought it brother. Sorry you had to carry me but I had to carry you so it is all even. We made the podium, not sure if it was 2nd or 3rd as we were Jockeying with Moses and partner (sorry couldn’t remember name) for the longest time. Great battle and I know you dug deep.

  5. scrappy

    Burner can confirm, but the directions were a little cryptic. Burner is probably the smartest guy I know (#truth) and we both heard, “Do the exercises together on the way down.” Either way, we ended up both doing burpee broad jumps until Dallas corrected us.

    Friday would have been better off with no shirt on. Safety First. Just sayin’

    The Blender is still the NoCo gold standard. Add a KB to the workout we just did and there you go. Friday or Contra usually split the virtual trophy there.

    Moses had a leash on today sporting his weight vest in anticipation for the Columbia Go Ruck event in November. Respect.

    1. Friday

      Ha! Highlighter! Classic. It is true I should be called the highlighter because I always need to be noticed for doing/being important. #safetyfirst

  6. John Roeder

    I am sore from all the Crab Walks, great WIB Jolly! Great work this year Don King (aka Scrappy), proud to call you friend.

  7. The Count

    Scrap – awesome AO and T-claps Jolly for the beat down and recognizing him. My blistered hands thank you both. I must have missed the part about gloves in the PB.

  8. 9 Lives

    Looks like I missed a good one. Sorry I had to miss this celebration of our master-promoter. Although, I missed it because I got #FiA’d in light of Scrappy’s diversified promotion portfolio (bringing FiA to LKN).

    Actually, do we have a word for when the M plans to FiA their spouse and sleeps in instead?


    1. Jolly Roger Post author

      So are you asking what we call it when your M sleeps in and you still don’t post? That would be #fartsacking. Its in the lexicon.

  9. Burner

    Great WIB Jolly! Not sure if I want to Thank you or Punch You in the Face for it, but it definitely punched me…
    The Bear Crawl speed of Scrappy is a thing of legends and it showed today. He is the reason we were out there quickly, I just tried to keep up.
    Definitely heard “Do the exercises together on the way down” which rewarded Scrappy and I with BOTH doing Broad Jump Burpees down the first deck. So it definitely didn’t help us out and Thank You to Dallas for the correction.
    The 12th Leg Face was definitely in effect when Jolly said, “Start over when you get to the bottom.” Talk about getting kicked in the junk!
    Scrappy, it should give you pride to look at the 52 other men there this morning who were there to celebrate you. You may not be 50 yet, but you deserve RESPECT at all times! And, thanks for draping yourself over me shirtless…

    1. Jolly Roger Post author

      Nice comment, except the first part (ouch)…you need a hug or something.
      I think I said do the exercises until you are together at the top and then do the exercises on the way down. Either way, you got more work. You’re welcome!
      Agreed on the last comment from Burner. Proud to Q mad scientist because it has a reputation that you better bring it as a Q. No Wednesday’s off. That’s what Thursday is for (insert shameless plug for Recover tomorrow at 0510).

      1. Burner

        Thank You Jolly for the extra work and the Beatdown. No punches needed as long as you promise not to hug me…

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