Mud Run Sprint-and-Reps Simulation

Twenty-three Pax, hungry for physical improvement, gathered in the quiet gloom of an early fall day to be beaten down by the (today not-so)-dictatorial Chavez. It’s Mud Run-prep time, and it went a little something like this:

  1. Run to guard rails: Dips (15 min, 30 max)
  2. Run to HC Parkway walls: Muscle-ups (10 min, 20 max)
  3. Run up to the top of Skyline: Mericans (20 min, 40 max)
  4. Run the loop of Skyline, to the bottom: Low Flutter (30 min, 60 max)
  5. Run down to Golf Club: Burpees (10 min, 20 max)
  6. Run to Pavarotti’s cul-de-sac: Air Squats (30 min, 60 max)
  7. Run to the school entrance: Partner Throw-Downs (sets of 15 — 1 each min, 2 each max)
  8. Run to Street Road / Ridge Road Stop Sign: Mericans (20 min, 40 max)
  9. Run around by track, down to wall behind Middle School: Donkey Kicks (20 min, 40 max)
  10. Run to basketball court playground: Pull-Ups (10 min, 20 max)
  11. Run down to grassy area: army crawl to stone, bear crawl the rest


The Moleskin:

  • Great work today, men. Those transitions are so hard, especially when you just got done with basically a sprint. But hopefully practicing this will serve those of us participating this weekend well.
  • Curing COT, we had some confusion: is this Dance Mom’s 2nd post, 3rd post? Which is it, Tank? Ben, nice try renaming yourself to White Turkey. Apparently you came out of the woodwork last Friday as a Wild Turkey. However, I do agree that during Thanksgiving, white meat is the best.
  • Did anybody else think that Pavarotti’s cul-de-sac was a little closer to the school than that? I guess sprinting those distances makes you wish it was.
  • You’re welcome for the grass bath (including a bonus of various kinds of lawn debris!) at the end. I know those of you prepping for the Mud Run would have been disappointed without that.
  • Enjoy your chair; you’ve earned it.

3 thoughts on “Mud Run Sprint-and-Reps Simulation

  1. Chavez Post author

    Always a pleasure to lead and appreciate you guys working it strong this morning. Our mettle will be tested this weekend: may we be found to be up to the challenge.

  2. Shazam

    Great work today pax and nice lead @Chavez. Enjoyed the transition work, glad to see @Bunny and @Oboe back in the fold #kotters, good to see @Gump back and modifying to his liking #IEP. Looking forward to this weekend… can’t wait to tackle the Leatherneck with my gloom brothers. If you aren’t signed up, space is still available… hit up @Chowder and #paythebusfee.

  3. Charmin

    @ Chavez. realize I am a day late on the comments but I wanted to point out that we had a great beatdown yesterday. Not sure I enjoyed the length of those sprints but the format was strong. Perfect Mud run training.

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