Merkin Mania…Putin Style

9 PAX turned up in the Gloom for a World Leader-style beatdown. Only the Q embraced the suggested workout attire.  Coin flip determined the WOD.  Tails it was ……


Mosey around parking lot with high knee, butt kickers and high skips. Continue Mosey towards Shelter. Bear crawl up mini hill x 3. Grab concrete block from truck

The Thang:

Circle up under shelter with 35 lb. Block

(3) 30 second sets/15 second recovery TABATA as follows:

  • Walk Out Merkins
  • Block Curls
  • Decline Merkins
  • Weight Squats
  • Alternating Superman Merkins
  • Overhead Block Thrusters
  • Spiderman Merkins
  • Bent Over Block Row
  • Inclined Merkins on Block
  • Dips



  • Alternating Leg V-ups x 10 IC
  • LBCs x 20 IC
  • Russian Twists x 15 IC


Total arm shredder this AM. Heads would have had us do a Grover-like Run 2 minutes/20 merkins with 10 merkin variations on tap…..maybe next time. Lots of chatter to start including Deertick’s admission that the wife kicked him out of bed this am and Indiana’s tale of the homeless guy that beds down at the shelter on occasion to answer Cujo’s question of “Why the shelter smells like a barn?”  Funny how the chatter stopped as the merkins took their toll. Prayers for Cupid’s weekend ahead moving his mother and Indy’s friend Jim.  Always a pleasure my brothers.

уволен, Hipbone