Nails’ Scaffold Sweat Test



Warm Up:

Light jog behind ASEC to CCM up to mall to cinemas through parking lot.  Circle up behind Belk’s:

  • 15 Cotton Pickers
  • Arm Circles
  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Prisoner Squats
  • Mosey back to ASEC upper lot grass area

The Thang: 

Station #1

Wheel barrow full of rocks with 100’log chain tied to it

1 PAX grabs wheel barrow – He does not push – 1 PAX pulls wheel barrow with 100’ chain while 1 PAX keeps chain straight.

The PAX with the wheel barrow then walks backwards and straightens 100’ of chain back out and then switch up 

Station #2

“Q” got a early start constructing this station.  He came up with 2 sections of scaffold with a 20’ extension ladder laid horizontally  to create a long set of monkey bars.  Each PAX rotated through with max effort 

Station #3

Log Flip

Each PAX had his own 6 x 6 x 10’ timber which he flipped end over end with max effort 

We rotated to next station after station #1 had completed a full rotation with their PAX 

Mole Skin: 

These 10 men went to work this am full throttle.  I must say I feel it in my arms and shoulders.  As always, it was a pleasure to see everyone in the gloom.