Never Forget…A 9/11 Beatdown to Remember

The VSF was planted and 13 men posted for a Highlands 9/11 beatdown.


Mosey to middle school upper lot


Cotton Pickers x 11IC

Arm circles while YHC explained the workout and told 9/11 story

YHC’s 9/11 Story:

The 1st aircraft had already hit the WTC while I was at home. The 2nd aircraft hit while I was driving to work (Orlando Executive Airport). I was listening to 101.1 WJRR, as they were broadcasting news updates about the 1st aircraft the 2nd aircraft hit, on live TV. Larry the Cable Guy worked at WJRR at this time and he came out of character as he knew, as did most of us at this point, that the events unfolding are no accident.

As I arrived at work a few people were in a panic and most of the management staff had congregated in the pilots lounge to watch the news. As the last 2 aircraft met their final fate, the President order all aircraft to land immediately. The FAA made this announcement and all aircraft had to land at the closest appropriate airport regardless of destination. Our ramp filled up with approximately 100 aircraft, in which 80-90% did not have Orlando as their destination. Hotel accommodations dwindled, rent a cars dwindled and were left with passengers and crew sleeping in our lobby for several days. The company owners along with their 2 adult children offered up their homes for meals and showers.

The management staff  would watch the news everyday and make business decisions from the information we were receiving which was no general aviation aircraft allowed to fly. We would change our employee schedule everyday and as the manager I was in charge of the scheduling. Unfortunately, with the ever changing FAA updates, I made a mistake with the schedule. The stress level was high for all involved and I almost lost my job. With a wedding planned a month away and a fiance that was at the University of Florida full time, I was at a low point. Fortunately, after several weeks, everything came together, aircraft were flying, schedules back to normal and I still had a job.

The Thang

Mosey to end of middle school lot

Read details of 1st aircraft:

AA Flight 11

Boston – Los Angeles

Hit the North Tower at 0846

92 perished

SSH x 92

Mosey to next parking lot corner

UA Flight 175

Boston – Los Angeles

Hit South Tower at 0903

65 perished

Mt. Climbers x 65

Two line Indian Run (for the Twin Towers) around The Bean

AA Flight 77

Dulles – Los Angeles

Hit the Pentagon at 0937

64 perished

Squat Press x 64

343 Fire Fighters and 72 Law Enforcement Officers lost their lives

Partner carry 415 feet, 1 foot for each

repeato (Twin Towers)

Mosey to BB court

UA Flight 93

Newark – San Francisco

Crashed in Shanksville, PA at 1003 after passengers attempted to thwart the hijacking

44 perished

Merkins x 44

Line up at BB court

Shuttle runs between the 4 courts (North Tower, South Tower, Pentagon, Pennsylvania)


Pax 2 shuttle runs all 4 courts


Pax 1 AMRAP Lunges

Pax 2 shuttle runs all 4 courts

Mosey to portables

Split pax up

Merkins x 9

Pull-Ups x 11

Rail walk 1st ramp, run down to 3rd ramp

Plank until pax finished

Mosey back for Mary


Low Flutter x 10IC

Low Dolly x 10IC

Homer to Marge x 4


– Thanks for having me lead you today, always a pleasure.

– Hope all of us can remember what we were doing this day 13 years ago and remember what brought this country to a standstill, only to emerge stronger, more confident and more united.