Marine merkins beatdown

Warm Up:

Run to the mall

SSH x 20

ISS x 15

Prisoner Squats x 20

Indian run – 5 merkins  present for the man in the back

Cackalaka choo choo


Marine merkins (3 men teams with legs on partners’ shoulders) x5, x10, x15

Run to the fire pit:

15 dips

15 step ups each leg

10 Derkins

Divide into 2 groups:

Partner A goes one way on around ASEC while Partner B goes the opposite – when you meet complete:

– 5 burpees


– 5 merkins


– 5 squats

Mosey to the Rock pile:

Hand over rock to your partner, switch directions while Indy is serenading

Partner A curls, Partner B LBCs



Brazilians x 15

Low flutter x 15

Hello Dolly x 15


– Great morning for a workout, humidity was kind to us. Nails mentioned that he still has the beams in the truck, Q did consider an audible, but decided against it

– When marine merkins were lined up mutiny begun with the PAX protesting, noted for next time

– Cujo lost an eye (lense out of glasses) during step ups, but kept trucking on

– It was an honor to lead F3 men on 9/11


Thanks to all