Beware Turn 1

Mosey to Health College parking lot via Hospital Hill


– Slap Jacks x 15 IC

– Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

– Mosey to top of Parking Deck via stairs

The Thang

– Pair up. Each pair grab one 35 lb. block from the white Suburban of the Apocalypse

– While one pax runs a lap around top of parking deck, other pax does an exercise as follows (1 lap = 35-45

seconds depending on the runner), repeato for each pax:

o Alternating Merkins

o Block Squats

o Alternating Leg V-ups

o Overhead Block Press

o Reverse Crunches

o Decline Merkins

o Block Curls

o LBCs

o Burpees

o Weighted Elbow Plank

o Jump Squats

o Bent-Over Block Row


– Mason Twist x 20 IC


1. 13 strong on a nice morning. Great effort by all!

2. Sorry Cujo was absent…no SSH today!

3. You never know where the Suburban will show up….Skinner was looking for it on his early, early AM run

4. Remember to get Exit or Indy some moola for this Saturday’s Concord PAX celebration.

5. Tomorrow is the actual 1-year anniversary….BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

Aye, Hipbone