Who has Q? I don’t know…I’ll take it, but you won’t like it…

The VSF was planted and 11 Men of Highlands posted to yet another Q’less workout.


SSH x 20IC

Merkins x 10IC

IST x 10IC

Mosey around parking lot perimeter

The Thang

Round 1

All exercises AMRAP

Timer: Tire drag sprints length of parking lot #crowdpleaser

KB Swings

KB Flutter Press

KB Clean Press

KB Pull-Overs

KB Curl

KB Round the World

KB Lawnmower Pulls

KB High Pull

KB Bent over Row

On Deck: Merkins

Mosey to playground

15 reps each of:

Box jumps


Incline Merkins


Mosey back to KB’s

Round 2

repeato KB exercises

changes for round 2:

On Deck: LBC

Timer: Burpees 10 OYO


Freddie Mercury x 15IC

Low Dolly x 10IC

Homer to Marge x 4 (4ct down) transitioning to

Low Dolly(again) 10IC


– Great work men, always good times to see you push yourself

– Happy Birthday Derby…a 50# MDUSA KB is a gift that keeps on giving the whole year

– Welcome FNG’s Taylor and Ed. The workouts will not get easier, you’ll get stronger

– Once again a Q’less workout. Men, you are completely capable of leading a workout. We need more men to step out of their comfort zone a and sign up for a Q spot. If you’re unsure of planning, consult a veteran Q and they’ll be more than happy to Co-Q and lead you through an entire workout…this is what we do guys, this is our purpose…We reinvigorate male community leadership by leading small workout groups.