F3 Dads: Life is like a game of dodgeball

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24 F3 Dads and 2.0s made it out on a beautiful Saturday morning in Kannapolis to have some major fun in a big field shared with a flock of geese.  Who knew it was their field and AM salad buffet stop?


MOSEY TO DE FIELD (about 300 yard mosey)

SSH x 20
IST x 20

Run a lap cuz we can with karaoke, high skips, high knees, side shuffle, butt kickers

COTTON PICKERS x 15 (Led by 2.0 Rebecca Jones)
SLAP JACKS x 15 (Led by 2.0 Jack Jones)

Run a lap cuz when you is little running is easy again with karaoke, skips, high knees, side shuffle, and butt kickers.

IST squats x 15

No more running as Q getting winded


Bear Crawl Ball Family Relays 40 yards: Broken up into 4 teams.  Bear crawl down to orange cones 20 yards and back pushing dodge ball with head. Next team member repeato until all are done.  Winning team determines the penalty for coming in NOT first which is “IF YOU AIN’T FIRST YOUR LAST” Ricky Bobby. PENALTY 10 BURPEES.

NOAHs ARK; Duck Walk, Crab Walk, and Bear Crawl from mid field to paved track with FULL SPRINT BACK. Major hurt me and miscalculation on Qs part. Forgiveness of PAX asked.

DODGE BALL:Division into 2 large teams placed into the rectagon with 7 balls at midpoint.  All PAX start in end zones and race to center grabbing a ball or running for cover.  PAX is out if tagged on clean throw without bounce or if ball is caught by opponent. ONCE out run 1 lap, DO 10 burpees, and then PLANK until game called 

CIRCLE BALL with 3 Burpees  5 MERKS; PAX makes large circle with legs as far apart as you can get them with no gap between next PAX.  Ball is thrown into circle and batted by PAX trying to hit ball through legs of other competitors.  For every goal scored PAX drops and does 3 burpees or 5 merkins alternating. Penalty for high ball going over head with PAX doing 3 burpees or 5 merkins.

Mosey to MARY

Homer to Marge x 10
LBCs  x 15                     
Core Killers x 10 (Led by 2.0 Tommy Jones)


1. Thanks to all who were able to make it out with 2.0s (no easy feat to awaken sleeping rabbits at 545am) and that made this a memorable morning. I had a great time Q ing and thank you for letting me do it!

2. Cujo’s son is to be known as Killer from this day forward.

3. Thanks to PAX from Tradition, Harrisburg, and Highlands that made the trip!

4. Noah’s ARK was brutal with a 125 yard crab walk and bear crawl.  I swear it did not look that far but when GROVER sez “that was crazy” you know you have done something.

5. Dodge Ball is always fun and I don’t care how old you are.  Wish we could have had more time for that one.

6. We gave thanks today for this great Nation that we are blessed to have been born into or are now in, for the lives of our children and our relationships with them and that we never take that for granted, and for our health that allows us to still come out and play.

Aye dawgs