The Jack Webb Challenge

69 degrees, 80% humidity, nine PAX undertook the Jack Webb Challenge…


  • Mosey to the mall parking lot, circle up
  • SSH x 25
  • Mosey to the hospital parking lot, circle up
  • Cotton pickers x 15
  • Mosey across Lake Concord to the Oral/Facial Surgery parking lot, circle up
  • Mountain climbers x 25
  • Mosey back to the AO


The Jack Webb Challenge consists of four stations, we did three circuits:

  1. Starting in the lower lot: landscape stone curls x 25
  2. Upper lot: 80/20 squats w/ rock x 20 each leg
  3. Pull-up bars: 10 pull-ups
  4. Shelter: Jack Webbs, we went up the ladder from 1 rep to 9 reps

Second round:

  1. Lower lot: landscape stone overhead press x 20
  2. Upper lot: three-stage toe raises w/ rock (first stage – toes pointed out, second state – toes pointed forward, third stage – toes pointed inward), 20 reps each stage
  3. Pull-up bars: 5 pull-ups
  4. Shelter: Jack Webbs ladder 1-9

Third round:

  1. Lower lot: landscape stone around the worlds x 10 each direction
  2. Upper lot: squat walks w/ rock, across lot and back
  3. Pull-up bars: 3 pull-ups
  4. Shelter: Jack Webbs ladder 1-9

Mosey to Mary


  • LBCs x 25
  • Freddie Mercurys x 15
  • Circle Supermans (2 minutes)
  • In-and-outs w/hold (2 minutes)
  • Alternating scissor kicks (2 minutes)


Where do I start with this crew?  Every once in a blue moon a Q gets saddled with a couple of knuckleheads, and that was my burden this morning.  Cujo was pulling his usual squeaky wheel routine this morning, complaining about this or that before we even started the WOD.  Grover and I had to browbeat him into submission when we caught him cheating on the squat walks.  But today I had the added headache of a sub-100% PTO.  Everyone knows Rett likes to run his mouth instead of listening to the Q, but I usually whip that out of him with a killer WOD.  No luck today, since PTO’s having knee trouble and can’t go 100% on most of our exercises.  I found myself losing count repeatedly thanks to his frequent, repeated, constant, incessant, RELENTLESS CHATTER.  Thanks, PTO.  Now go recuperate and get healthy asap cause I’m showing no mercy on your next time.

The rest of you guys were a pleasure to Q, thanks for bringing the effort this morning.  And we all appreciate Grover providing the comic relief by forgetting his name during the countoff.  “James…uh…Garmon?”