Paving Beating or a lot of bear crawling

Paving Beating

Warm-a-rama  Run the hills east of Presbyterian Church

Finish up at parking deck with 15 prisoner squats & 15 Storm Troopers


Bear Crawl up back stair case


Bear Crawl down face first to Cabarrus Ave Sidewalk


FYI one lane is now open on Cabarrus Ave


Mosey to C.C. bear crawl down steps to parking area


Quadro-mania 4 times up to wooden fence at C.C.


Mosey to Corbin Ave. peoples chair for 1 ½ to 2 min.


Mosey to China Garden parking lot one round of chac-ca-lak-a-choo-choo


Mosey to Cabarrus County parking lot 15 dips


Mosey to library benches 15 incline 15 decline Merkins


Mosey to Central Methodist chac-ca-lak-a-choo-choo around front drive approximately 4 rotations – Q was starting to give out!


Mosey to Mary


Plank 1 ½ to 2 minutes left & right arm

Superman’s 5 rounds

Mountain Climbers x 16 in cadence

LBC x 25 in cadence




Weather could not be any better

Solid effort by all!

Don’t forget your homework

Where was Exit?

Until next time……