Bring a towel and not for the bucket challenge

Mosey to the Steam Plant


– Slap Jacks x 15 IC

– Jump Squats x 10

– Shoulder Stretches

– Plank Jacks x 15 IC

Mosey to ASEC Parking Lot

Thang 1

– Tire Pull – PAX divided into 2 groups at opposing ends 40’ apart.

– One PAX pulls tractor tire (200 lbs +) to themselves via 30’ hemp rope whiles other do exercise called by Q

– Switch exercise after every 2nd

PAX completes Tire Pull

o Air Squats, Merkins, Lunges, Plank

o Repeato – LBCs, Reverse Crunches, Squat, Burpees

Mosey to Pull Up Bars with towels

Thang 2

– Drape towel over pull up bar, grip each end of towel and hang (Straight or Bent arm) for 30 seconds

– Rotate thru PAX 4 at time

– Non-hanging PAX do excerise

– 3 rotations – Walk Outs, Air Squats, Merkins


– Slow Leg Circles – 10 each direction

– Superman Row – 5×5

– Mason Twists – 15 IC

– Brazilians x 25 IC (Grover audible)


1. 10 strong on a cooler, lower humidity morning – great work weather. Great effort as always.

2. Not much running today, more strength training – especially grip strength

3. My Boy Scout knot tying was called into question…turns out the rope failed due to friction on pavement.

I will work on better method of attaching rope to tire. It’s a butt kicking workout and my hammies are

making me pay now!

Carry On, Hipbone