F3-Concord – Oceans 14 – Backblast

Four Pax converged on the barren plains of blacktop at Carolina Mall braving the harsh 74 degree atmosphere. Not a single exploration rover to be found in this environment, but spirit and opportunity were there to grow via a catalyst called PainNsweat. Yes, we found life there…

1 lap around mall

SSH 20x
cotton pickers 20x
IST/prisoner-squat combos 15x
full release merkins 20x
arm circles 1-min
Bycycle/6-inches thing 20x

The Thang (with gravel bags)
Partner up
bear crawl 35yd/gobblet squats – 3x each pax
piggybackgravelsack to next location
situps 20x/military press 20x (passing bag between) – 2x each pax
piggybackgravelsack to next location
lunges 35yds/skull crushers – 2x each pax
piggybackgravelsack to next location
gravel bag pushups 20x/ curls – 2x each pax
piggybackgravelsack to Mary

lbcs 20x
1 minute plank
mason twist 20x

Not many pax, but we did move the location (which was announced in the preblast) No lone-wolf cries heard from the other side of the creek at ASEC, however.
Strong effort by all:
Grover always makes this crap look easy (that kid is getting a rucksack for xmas whether he likes it or not)
Cujo grunts and carries on just the way a Q likes to hear it, but then he just keeps coming back! For More! Aptly named, I guess.
R2D2 brings the upbeat attitude that keeps us going. Not many boop boop beep beep noises this time cause I was keeping them busy.
We’re all dying in the 3rd leg of the mall and Cujo and Grover decide to start a piggybackgravelsack race.
A couple of jogggers of the fairer sex swung by to scope us out. Asked if we were F3. “AYE!” baby. Good thing the four best looking pax were there to represent F3, or they might have avoided us.
R2D2 was attacked by a beetle. It was dark and only the four of us, so we can’t be certain of the size, but just saying, this stuff is not for the porch sitters and lil’uns.

Thanks for letting me bust you up.
See you next time in the gloom