August Jam Remembered


August Jam Remembered!

Allman Brothers, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Black Oak Arkansas, Eagles, Fogg Hatt, Marshall

Tucker Band, and many, many more!

Warm up:

Jog around ASEC parking lot doing High Knees, Butt Kickers, Goose steps, Karaoke

Run to Hospital parking deck with sidewinders up physical plant hill

Circle up: (Hospital parking TOP deck)

SSH x 20

Prisoner squats x 20

Squat jumps x 15

Arm circles x 15 (each direction)

Walkouts x 15

Donkey kicks x 10

Crossover leg stretch (hold 10 sec each leg)

Jog from top of parking deck around Mall parking lot doing Indian run to back end of Belk parking lot

Audible per Cupid……LBC’s x 15 to stretch lower back

The Thang:

Lightpole suicide drill w/burpees

Run to first lightpole and back -4 burpees

2nd lightpole and back -3 burpees

3rd lightpole and back -2 burpees

Jog to ASEC lower parking lot

1 minute max out drill

Half Pax do as many merkins in 1 min before failure

Half Pax do out-in-out tire jumps for 1 min before failure


Mosey to upper parking lot (Rocks)

Goblet dead lift from squat position to chest to overhead press x 10 (Dead lift Press?)

Mosey to Mary:

LBC x 20

Brazilians x 15

Homer to Marge times forever

Body Bridges x 15

Crab leg kicks x 15

Plank for 1 min


1. Eight faithful Pax gathered on typically humid mid-August, 72 degree morning at ASEC for

a Saturday morning beat down and remembrance of the 1974 August Jam held at Charlotte

Motor Speedway. Billed as the “Woodstock of the South”, promoter Stan Kaplan, owner of

WAYS radio in Charlotte said , “ I’ll never do another outdoor concert again”, after many

concert goers tore down the gates, allowing free entry. Hard to believe attendance at this

event was reported to be 200,000!

2. In honor of Cujo, morning calisthenics were performed on top of hospital parking deck and

included his favorite, SSH’s.

3. Cudos to the Pax for hanging tough with a total of 2.9 miles run this morning!

4. Our thoughts and prayers are with R2D2’s 5 year- old friend, Abby, as she battles a brain


5. Thanks for a great workout! See you next week.

Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package