Haven’t Used the Sandbags in a While, So . . .

Not us, but this is how we did it.

With many Pax at the F3 Dads Camp, 17 of the remaining Pax gathered in the gloom to move some sandbags with no wheel barrow help.

x denotes 4 count cadence.


Plank Series: Merkins x10, Plank, Side Plank Right, Side Plank Left, Three Levels Plank, Mountain Climber Prep x10, Forearm Plank with opposite arm and leg lifts.

The Thang:

Mosey to the  Library

With a partner: Wheel Barrow up stairs, Plank shimmy down hand rails, Mosey to other stairs, other partner Wheel Barrow up stairs, Lunge down walkway, Run two laps around flag pole island. Repeato until Q says stop.

Plank on curb, shift right 50 ft, then left 50 ft.

Mosey to the sandbag shed.  Retrieve sandbags in a sandbag brigade dropping bags at end of the line.  Repeato 3 times.

Sandbags Up the Hill:  Carry sandbag above head up hill, five air squats, carry sandbag at chest down the hill, five sandbag merkins (one hand on sand bag). Repeato 4 times.

Move to soccer field.

Sandbag Relay: In two teams, with two sandbags each, first runners go, then second runners go when first runners hit halfway point. Swap sandbags with teammates on return. Continue two times through Pax.

Somersault Relay:  In two teams, runners somersault to halfway, then stumble (#dizzy) to the end and sprint back.  Next runner begins when previous runner reaches halfway.  Continue two times through Pax

COP: Jack Webbs 1:2 up to eight.

Return the sandbags to the shed with a sandbag brigade.

Mosey to the split rail fence next to the football field.  Clamber over the fence and through the rails 10 times. OYO.

Mosey to the top parking lot.


  • LBC x20.
  • Low Flutter x20.
  • Reverse Crunch x19.
  • Crunchy Frog x10.
  • WWII Situps x10.
  • Low Dolly x10.
  • Airborne Mind Bender 2min.



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead this fine group today.  Great work out there by all.  If you haven’t lead a workout yet, but are interested in leading, please let me know and I will add you to the Q signup where you can choose a day to lead.
  2. @Tabasco- I hope you didn’t hurt your back too bad with the somersaults.
  3. @Solo Cup- Great 2nd F at RRC.  I enjoyed the conversation.