County Fair with the Boys of Fall


11 PAX took the field on this warm (70 degree), humid (97%), muggy day. for a modified version of County Fair, a good old-school football conditioning staple.  Enjoy this link while reading – great words from some famous coaches:

Warmorama and Mary incorporated.

The Thang:

Mosey from Coltrane-Webb around Grove, Georgia, Franklin, and Spring to the Old Courthouse Theater parking lot.

Warm-up Station

Side Straddle Hops x 20

Storm Troopers x 20

Cotton Pickers x 10

High Knee Skip

Butt Kickers


Mosey to Carolina Courts

Conditioning Station

5 minutes of sprinting up steps and jogging back around to the bottom. 6 Total ASCENTS MADE

Mosey to corner of Spring and Corbin

Strength Station

1 minute of merkins

1 minute of dips

1 minute of incline/decline merkins

Mosey to parking lot across from jail

Agility Station

1 minute hops over parking stop

20 seconds right foot hops

20 seconds left foot hops

Mosey to parking lot by Concord Trophy

Core Station

1 minute LBCs

1 minute 6-inches

1 minute planks

Mosey to Coltrane-Webb

Closing activity of 5 up/downs in the nice wet grass



1. Most dedicated award to new pax member Boo Boo for forgetting his shoes and completing the workout in his high-top slippers.

2. Thanks to Liger for authenticating the up/downs with his audibles.  Might be some hidden psychological memories there we do not want to uncover.

3. Enjoyed my first Q.  Thanks to all for helping me through.