11 PAX it was this day. Humid. Very.  Temp in low 70s.  Cujo in gloom looks like a rail after having lost 35 lbs. Right on brother. Right on.


Mosey from AO to Mall Parking Lot by BELK doing quadromania up road hill and high skips stopping at COP.

Cross Jacks x 15

Air Squats x 15

Wide, Military, and  Diamond alternating Merks x 15

Burpees x 10


Line em up and mow em down with the REVERSE INDIAN RUN OF DEATH– Running from first pole to 3rd light pole in oval circle the PAX slowly trots with first man in line taking off at full sprint stopping only when he has caught back up to the back of the LINE. NEXT man goeth forth from front until all are without oxygen.

Mosey back to AO with 6 PAX grabbing Cupid’s sandbags and the other 5 PAVERS

Mosey to upper lot and circle up for the:


With STONE OR SANDBAG OVER HEAD Pax jogs in a circle CCW of diamter of 10 yards until STOP is called.  5 Burpee penalty for any PAX that drops bag or stone from overhead position during light mosey. 2 Revolutions

STOP 1 Circle up and do:

Curls x 10

Mosey again with weight over head x 2 revolutions.


Pass the bags to left and then to right to other PAX in chain. PAX now switches from stone to bag or from bag to stone

Mosey again 2 revolutions


Push Press with Bag or stone x 10

Mosey 2 revolutions


Sit UPs with stone or bag pressed over head x 10

Mosey 3 revolutions


Goblet Squats with stone or bag x 10

Mosey to Mary after running bags and stones back to dey home


Rockers x 10

Alternating LEG V UPs x 10


1. Cujo is an animal and is dangerous.  35lbs lost so far and he is a lean mean machine.

2. 5 Dolla about hurled and needs to get some rest on a Monday night!

3. Tabata has a new meaning. See Cujo.

4. Liger requests breath mints for PAX in AM to curve cat night visit in mouth syndrome. Flossing and brushing once a month is also encouraged.

5. Wicked gas and little talk this AM.

5. SEPT 6 is F3 dads so mark your calendars now. OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY IS SEPT 10th so GET READY