Leap Week Pain Session

3 PAX rolled into ASEC enthusiastic for an F3 Concord Booty Call! A Box to Box movement.

Warm O Matic:

Run to top of Thing 2. Stretch.

Nutting but a Thang:

Run down Thing 2 via ramps. Run up Thing 1 via ramps: Knock out 25 Air Squats. Run back to Thing 2 up the ramps for 25 Merkins. rePeaTO!!! Can’t spell REPEATO without PTO! AMRAP came to 2 full rounds. Plus the runs to and from ASEC knocked out 45 minutes.

Mary: Ain’t got time for that! Cujo took us out with a prayer.


1. Thanks for indulging the F3 booty call. We worked as an OYO workout. Challenge yourself and do what you can do. Worked well. Cujo happy.

2. Riggs does not like listening to directions. I think he found a nurse or two to chase through the parking decks.

3. Cujo’s phone said we ran 3 miles. Not sure if that includes running through the decks or not.