Ninja Warfare

8 PAX rolled in to Coal Train to See what Hipbone had learnt.

Mosey parking lot be 5/3 Bank


–          Slap Jacks x 20

–          Squat Kicks x ?? (who knows with the way I was counting)

–          Lunge and Shoulder Stretches

–          Walk Outs with 5 count hold x 5

The Thang

–          Jog down parking lot hill/Sprint to Top x 3

–          Mosey to Parking Deck – construction barrier wall jumps x 50 yds on the way

–          Parking Deck

o    Quadramania up to Level 2 – 10 Merkins IC

o    Karaoke up to Level 3 –  10 Jump Sqauts

o    Bear Crawl to Level 4 – 20 Lunges

–          Mosey to Coltrane Webb – Sprint last block, walking recovery thru parking lot

–          Mosey to back playground

–           Plank up on Track while each PAX does hand-over-hand climb up inclined bar

o    Repeato with PAX doing Sqauts

–          Mosey to Mary


–          Warrior Pose – 30 seconds each leg

–          Hello Dollys x 15 IC

–          Chair Arm Reaches x 20

–          Superman Row 5×5

–          Deerticks x 20 IC (audible)

–          Mt Climbers x 15 IC


  1. My virgin Q at Coltrane but 5th for the month…new guys step up in August!
  2. Medium load WOD with great effort by all after getting our A**** kicked by Grover yesterday
  3. Last “Thang” gave all PAX new respect for American Ninja Warrior dudes
  4. Prayer for Holy Cow’s son Eli with 2 fractured arms from Skim Boarding at the beach

Later, Hipbone