Like When Your Girl Leaves You and Takes Your Dog with Her PAIN

8 PAX De Fartsacked not to see the Space Station but to let the station see us and show the astronauts how to properly use gravity.

Warm O Matic:

Mosey to top of Thing 2 (NE Parking Deck 4 stories near surgery center of which there are two PD’s and they are twinning!)


SSH x 20 (Special request from Cujo)

Cujo thrilled to see the deck being used as he pondered the question Saturdee as to why nobody uses the deck. #keepthedeckoutchamouth.


‘Splainin to Do:

Muthaship Monday (“In the Metro” Sung to the Elvis tune In the Ghetto…Sorry) has been relayed to me that this is the hardest F3 post there is. I took some inspiration to create some perspiration.


Begin from top of Thing 2 run down the ramps to each location (Three Corners), touch bldg. and perform 25 Merkins. Return to Thing 2 running to the top via ramps for 30 LBC’s.

1st NEMC Rehab Center

2nd Starbucks

3rd NEMC Foundation Office

Cujo claimed I took his ideas and then he took off. But the lead was quickly lost as the peloton crushed it. Waiting for Cujo we finished the 25 merkins at Rehab Center. On the return leg somehow Cujo managed to take the PAX and beat us to the top of Thing 2. Cujo admittedly took the stairs as Exit had predicted. This is his punishment. PTO holds the belief Cujo might have taken the elevator. We may never know. Cujo tapped after the Starbucks leg not returning to Thing 2 worrying about time to get to work. Cujo has taken over for Grover as biggest talker.

Unfortunately we ran out of time and could not finish the 3rd leg.


1)      Q shoulda handed out banjos…Only way to properly convey this pain

2)      Great effort by PAX! Finished up the run to ASEC strong!

3)      On another great morning for a workout. Weather has been great! If you are missing these I hope you got mo bigger problems than the fatscack. #heatsucks

4)      Cujo had the idea last Saturday to use the deck. PTO had the cajones to try it. It’s awesome and there are two of them. They have 4 stairwells and the ramps are long. Kind of puts downtown deck to shame as far as pain creator. Looking forward to seeing future Q’s paint their own pain on it.