Summer Sampler

Summer Sampler

Lots of Morning Fun!

Warm up:

Jog around ASEC parking lot doing High Knees, Butt Kickers, Lateral Slides, Karaoke

Run to Physical plant parking lot with sidewinders up physical plant hill

Circle up: (Physical plant parking lot)

SSH x 20

Prisoner squats x 20

Squat jumps x 15

Arm circles x 15 (each direction)

Walkouts x 15

Donkey kicks x 10

Crossover leg stretch(hold 10 sec each leg)

Jog to Mall parking lot


The Thang:

40 yard suicide drill w/burpees

Go 10 yards-4 burpees

20 yards-3 burpees

30 yards-2 burpees

40yards-1 burpee


Jog to ASEC lower parking lot

2 minute max out drill

Half Pax do as many merkins in 2 min before failure

Half Pax do out-in-out tire jumps for 2 min before failure



Mosey to upper parking lot (Rocks)

Goblet Squat x 20

Goblet Press x 20

Goblet Curl x 20


Pull ups x 6



Picnic Shelter

1 legged squats x 10 (each leg)

Balls to wall (45 Sec.)

Reverse Bear Crawl up small hill behind church.

1 burpee on top of hill

Bear crawl back down hill


Mosey to Mary:

LBC x 20

Brazilians x 15

Homer to Marge

Plank for 1 min

Light stretching



  1. Seven faithful Pax gathered on an exceptionally humid, foggy, 70 degree morning at ASEC for a Saturday morning beat down.
  2. Cudos to Grover for finding the Pax at the Mall Parking lot ten minutes into the workout. He knows where to look!
  3. PTO is trying to begin a trend for Saturday workouts by riding his bike this morning. We all noticed he bummed a ride home. Not sure if this trend will continue.
  4. Cujo questioned why SSH’s and LBC’s are always performed at Concord F3 workouts. The Pax agreed it was tradition but when Cujo is Q he would have the power to change all that.
  5. Not a dry spot on ASEC brick pavers during Mary on this brutally humid day but everyone did well.
  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with Indy as he and family travel to France for a fortnight.
  7. Thanks for a great workout! See you next week.

Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 7/26/14