Clash of the Clans at beach in Garden City, SC

4 members of the Milligan Clan met 4 members of the Patrick Clan for a Scotch-Irish beatdown on the beach.

The Beach Thang:

Dynamic warmup to parking lot (Frankenstein walk, butt kickers, high knees)

Merkins x 15 (Every 5 min)

Warm-up: SSH x 15 Windmill x 15 IST x 15 Mountain Climbers x 15

Mosey to slippery dock for: Dips x 20; Squats x 20; Step ups x 20; Carolina Dry Dock x 20; REPEATO

Walking Lunges then Indian Run to Beach

Partner Push / Partner Pull; REPEATO


Tunnel of Love


Load the Ark – Bear Crawl – Bunny Hops – Crab Walk

1 min sprints x 4

Mary: LBC; Alphabet spelling; Dying Cockroach; Squirm; Plank Jack F

inished with 15 more Mericans for a total of roughly 165.

The Sandy Moleskin:

  1. T-Claps to @HardHat for publicizing an F3 workout in Garden City. Worked out great since we were staying ¼ mile down the beach. See you next year!
  2. 64 year young @Banjo with a broke toe?!  No stopping this patriarch of the Patrick Clan.  Also good motivation to quit the fartsacking in the @Skipper beach house.
  3. Proud to name my bro @JohnnyBravo (fka Steve Milligan) and nephew @Gilligan (fka Blaine Nye) this week.  Also great to welcome back my bro-in-law @Growler who’s been a Kotter for way too long.
  4. Awesome meeting @ISS and helping name @JailBait. Solid men in the Patrick Clan!



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