Boiling Water and Chowderstein’s Monster

Tinkering. Scheming. Experimenting with human lab rats. After all that, this we know for sure… YHC is not a professional and not a scientist, may very well be mad (in the loony sort of way) and should stick to nothing more than boiling water.  24 strong NoCo PAX conquered the fart sack to wrangle Chowderstein’s cobbled-together (part Pearls-on-a-String, part WIB) beatdown monstrosity into permanent submission.  Here’s the story with apologies to Mary Shelley:

Pre-game – 3 PAX moseyed (or is it mosied?) down Gilead to press cheeks against the Burn Bootcamp sign, bully that clipboarder Devlin and knock over the plastic ferns keeping the Tomatoes company. Hightail it back for warm-o-rama.

Deliver a weak disclaimer #bulletproofdefense and mosey into the lab to #dowork… charge for the top:
– Ramp 1 – High Knees
– Ramp 2 – Butt Kickers
– Ramp 3 – Stoli Skips – our Highlands BiR (Beast-in-Residence)
– Ramp 4 – Imperial Walkers (T-claps to @Winnebago for his Chowderstein’s monster impersonation)
– Ramp 5 – Backward

COP for:
– SSH x 19 IC
– Imperial Storm Troopers x 19 IC
– Mountain Climbers x 19 IC (Hey! I didn’t call recover!)
– Peter Parkers x 19 IC (actually 20 as I Chowderized the cadence)
– Plank Jacks x 19 IC (BS call #1?)
– Recover
– Mosey down two ramps

The Thang
Cliff Hanger pull-ups (me likey these, @Lego!) x 10 OYO
Derkins x 10 IC (who opted for the top rung?)
Mosey down three ramps to ground level

Air Squats x 15 IC (Cobains for the fast count on these; thanks for the #straighttalk @Snare; feedback makes us better)
Carolina Dry Docks x 10 IC
Mosey down to bottom level

One-legged burpees (R) x 10 OYO
One-legged burpees (L) x 10 OYO (second BS call?  Or was all that groaning just the PAX trying to top @Winnebago’s Chowderstein’s monster?)

Mosey out of the lab and AYG around the building to the corner
Jump ups x 20 OYO
Dips x 20 IC
Mosey to parking lot sidewalk
LBC x 53 (set #1)

Now we transition to the WIB portion of today’s program:
– AYG toward the fire station, down the small hill behind the lab and jump the wall
– One-legged burpees (R) x 5
– AYG to the top of the lab and down the stairs to the bottom
– One-legged burpees (L) x 5
– AYG to the top of the lab and down the stairs to the ground level exit (YHC again Chowderizes this part of the beatdown and somehow finds himself outside the deck in the parking lot; note to self: improve recon skillz – yes, that’s with a “z”; that’s how I roll. word.)
– Air Squats x 30
– CDD x 20
– AYG around building to corner
– Jump ups x 20
– Dips x 20
– LBC x 53 (sets #2 and #3)
Rinse and repeat until time is called.

Gather back up and knock out another set of LBC x 53 OYO (set #4, hopefully?) to get to a total of LBC x 212 or the boiling point of water (that’s about as scientific as I get these days #engineeringschooldropout)

One final BS call (preesh, #BigCat – meow!), drop some faith, drop some word and drop the test tube… Chowder out.

The Stitched-Together Moleskin
– T-claps to the PAX for your efforts in the gloom.  You guys were crushing it.  Tried to include a little something for everyone (running, Pearls, WIB).  Even unintentionally had puddles for the Ruck-guys.
– Also, wanted to experiment with: 1) running a full beatdown without any standard Merkins (when was the last time THAT happened?!) and 2) a quick flow with minimal recovery between.  Let me know what you thought… Your honest feedback on all aspects is highly encouraged and greatly welcomed so I can improve as a Q.  Thanks!
– @Scrappy – thank you for the opportunity to lead today – greatly appreciated and, as usual, I took away from it way more than I brought.  However, I do use the term “lead” loosely as once the WIB started, we all just followed you and @Col_Mustard!
– @Fenway – love the grit and determination to finish off that last set – great work, brother!
– If any of our NoCo brethren (yeah, I’m looking at you @9Lives, @Stray, @Omaha, @Burner and others) are interested, we’d love to have you Q over our way some time… sign up here:
– Great job too by the FNGs today… Anthony and Jason.  I wish I was as strong as you guys were on my initial post.  Dang, bro.

– Join the Bible discussion @NY Bagel after each MadScientist
– Also, another Bible discussion at 0600 on Thursdays (tomorrow) @NY Bagel
– Two beatdown offerings tomorrow in Wynnefield Forest at 0510; YHC is kinda sketchy on the details as I couldn’t write fast enough (and frankly, was a little foggy due to oxygen deprivation)
– Sharknado! returns on Aug 1 to coincide with the major motion picture release of Sharknado 2 (oh, what?  not in theaters! Oh, direct to video then… Not even that? So, like some second rate cable channel in the 400s?  Who knows – check your local listings for date, time and channel)
– Highlands is adding an 0600 Saturday beatdown @Mallard Creek Park to its schedule; come join us if you’re looking for an early weekend option.
– Like parking decks?  Who doesn’t!  El Dorado – 0515 most Mondays at UNCC Kohl’s parking lot. Ask @Scrappy, @9Lives or @Lego… it’s worth it.

9 thoughts on “Boiling Water and Chowderstein’s Monster

  1. 9 Lives

    Thanks for the beatdown, Chowder. It has been great seeing you all this week at various AO’s. I especially liked the WIB…very El-Dorado-esc. Who says you need 4 parking decks? By the way, you must have been trying to bring the college campus decks to DPK based on your “peeping-tom” expedition and having us wear out that parking deck. When I heard you call “time” I still had jump-ups and dips to do (to finish set 2), so I pressed on. You were pushing me even when you stopped pushing. T-claps to Stray and Omaha for keeping me going till the end. They even inspired me to complete the 106 LBCs that were due to make the boiling point. AYE! Thanks brothers.

    You forgot to mention the 2nd BS delivered by YHC concerning THE ENTIRE WORKOUT!

    1. Chowder Post author

      Been great seeing you too, Mr. Lives. Way to keep grinding out those reps and pushing to the finish. I’d expect nothing less from you, brother… see it through to the end! As for the BS call – duly noted! I meant to put it in the BB then forgot as I was writing it. Easily fixed though (see above.) Looking forward to the next time… Mutha, brutha?

  2. Snare

    I kept hearing about the Mad Scientist beatdowns from my Highlands Q brothers. So when Chowder reminded me he was Q’ing today, I took a “shore pass” from the Highlands Cruise workout to join him at #DPK. I’ve experienced 5 too many parking decks this week but I enjoyed seeing a few of the NoCo El Dorado participants again. @Lego – Cliff Hanger pullups? So glad (not) that Chowder posted at your Mad Scientist beatdown last week (again, not!). Nonetheless, I’ll be back!

    1. Chowder Post author

      It’s all @Lego’s fault. Every bit of it. Even the pre-game and especially me stubbing my toe after the WIB Dips. Thanks for the company on the ride today @Snare and for the 2ndF at all times, brother. See you at HDHH in an hour or two? For the otherwise uninformed… Pippa’s anytime after 7pm – all NoCo is welcome!

  3. Colonel Mustard

    T-claps @Chowder on using not only the parking deck but including some of the props on the outside. #workoutinnovation

    If I am not chasing @Frodo, @SSMinnow, @TheNanny, or @Bull then I must be chasing @Scrappy. T-Claps to @Scrappy for grinding it out brother. Need to put a sled on that guy.

    I have spent some time with our @NoCo brothers lately and you know what, you guys are “A” ok in my book. Hope to see you guys travel down to a #Highlands or #ElDorodo workout one of these days and maybe even pick up the Q. Just let us know or sign in the link above.

    1. Chowder Post author

      @Colonel as always, thanks for the continued and constant push/pull. You make us all dig deep. Even @Scrappy in his efforts to stay out in front. They should slot your two teams together on the #Leatherneck in October. Who can will their team team to find it in themselves to lock in on that extra gear? Could be an epic face-off. One can dream. As for @Scrappy, thanks again for the opportunity. When’s the next newspaper article? First State Champ, then Champion over SadClown Syndrome. What’s next? #Suitableforframing

  4. Stray

    Nice Q Chowder. Not ashamed to admit I was the BS caller following the first one-leg-burpees. A cruel cruel trick to play on a 6’1″ guy with the lanky legs of a 7-footer.

    What you didn’t know was that the Burn Bootcamp tomatoes were outside across the street doing a set as we drove into Mad Scientist. So your scout troop was about 4 minutes away from looking real creepy when they came back and saw you at the window. #awwwkward

    1. Chowder Post author

      @Stray, brother, I have to admit, after hitting those single-leggers x 10 on that lower level Pearl, I made a silent, internal BS call on myself (can you do that? Is that a thing? I’m proclaiming it a thing… #EgoBS or #Super-EgoBS? Read up here:,_ego_and_super-ego, then discuss amongst yourselves) and cut the WIB version reps to 5 per leg. I had the same vertical challenge as you so I’m standing by that mid-beatdown call. Great job stayinhg strong and gutting it out though.

      As for the pre-game excursion, I think I’ve totally misrepresented it. Completely unintentional. Didn’t know that it was a Tomatoes-only shop until we ran up on the sign and saw Devlin, the clipboarder, providing “assistance” to an unsuspecting, yoga mat-toting blonde working on her downward dog. Again, completely unintentional. #Tellittothejudge

  5. scrappy

    Chowder – your lead today and command of the PAX was excellent. It’s great to have an F3 vet like yourself. Love the Highlands PAX.

    Col. Mustard – you’ve created a monster at El Dorado. Looking fwd to visiting u men more. We need

    Winnebago – work it out for the Red, Light, and Blue. We need a workhorse.

    Gulf – you’re in for the Light I presume ?

    Snare – thx for posting brother.

    Winnebago has the Q again on 9/17 for the Bunsen Burner.

    Highlands Rocks!

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