Hot As…Anybody up for Similes?

12 PAX vacated air conditioned dwelling units and air conditioned vehicular units for some quality stone time. Stones have feelings too. Hipbone is sure of it.


WRINKLE: Go get you a landscape stone. With fair warning from Q of what was in store which was nice.

Mosey ever so slowly with rock over the river and through the hospital/mall split to park area atop hospital hill. Give stone a rest.


SSH x 20

Air Squats x 15

Imperial Storm Troopers x 15

Imperial Squat Troopers x 15

Squat jumps x 10

First Thang:

Mosey to bottom of Hospital Hill. Line up back facing hill so as not to be intimidated by hill. Reverse bear crawls up the hill until Q calls halt. Hold there for a count of 10, 3 derkins and bear crawl back to start.

Repeato x 3.

Deuce Thang:

Pahtna Up, Cowboy Up, 7 Up it don’t matter.

Reintroduce yourself to your stone. Start at one end of parking lot. Pahtna takes off with rock to bottom of hospital hill and back up where pahtna is doing one of the following exercises:

OH Press


Goblet squats


Maybe one other.  I cannot remember.

Mosey ever so slowly back to ASEC. Drop stone where Indy wanted it.

Mosey to Mary through lot with some karaokes and reverse runs.


LBC’s x 30 on a 3 count.

Freddi Merc’s  x 30

V-Ups x 10.


  1. Wonder when Indy gonna line up the cooler of water in the back of doo doo?
  2. No BS calls heard from PAX. Maybe because ears clogged with humidity.
  3. Damn nice to see Officer Friendly Riggs standing there smiling while we were all sweating it out and him talking about his next beach trip. That might be four if I’m keeping score.
  4. I bet tasering is a heck of an exercise.
  5. Great sweat everyone! Great effort! Really enjoyed leading this morning.