#ElDorado delivers again

23 men of #MECA joined in the gloom to experience what #ElDorado had in store for July 4th.

Run .9 miles to #ElDorado

Complete 8 Burpees at the bottom of side Ramp (17)76 1-7=8
Run up side ramp and then run up Mine Shaft to 6th level
Complete 56 LBC’s at the top (56 signers of the important document)
Run across deck to Stairway to Heaven and complete 13 Merkins 17(76) 7+6=13
Run down Stairway to Heaven
Complete 8 burpees at the bottom of Stairway to Heaven
Reverse your route but decrease one level from each side

*if you made it to the bottom then you went back up increasing one level on each side.

Run .9 miles back to parking lot

1. Great numbers for a beautiful July 4 morning. I was unsure as to what to do this morning, Bootcamp or traditional beatdown. As you can see I landed on the traditional #ElDorado. Sorry @Nanny.
2. Looks like we had a very close race between @Nanny and @Bull. Not sure who won but they lost us after the first lap up. T-Claps you two.
3. A lot of new faces which is awesome to see for this beatdown, keep coming back because this one is good for you. See you Monday morning?
4. Have a great July 4th with your family and friends. Those cold ones should taste good today.
5. T-Claps to our #doubledowners also! Not sure who the 2nd beatdown was but I am sure it sucked too.