Parking lots of Pain

9 Pax emerged on a cool Saturday morning for an @Dingo Q.  Two Q’s in 2 days for Dingo.  He obviously didn’t get enough running at Speed yesterday, so why no do some more today.  ONJ’s one request before blastoff, Please no running??  Request DENIED!

Mosey to Tennis Ct Parking lot

Warm Up

15 x SSH

15 x Mountain Climber

15 x LBC

15 x IST

15 x Squat

Mosey to bus parking lot(What??  There are busses here??  Quick modify)

20 x Spiderman Merkins

Forward, Backward run down bus(Parking lot) lines

10 x Burpees

Forward Backwards run down bus(Parking lot) lines other side

20 x CDD


Mosey to school building


10 x Donkey kicks, 1 x BTW push up

9 x Donkey Kicks, 2x BTW push up

Down to 6 and 5 and back up again

Mosey to Large Parking lot

Jump Squat sprint ladder up and down

Run up and down vehicle lanes, jump squats at each end.

1-9 and 9-1

Mosey to Softball Field

20 x High knee step up

20 x decline merkin

20 x dip


Indian File run to find QSchool

Mary – Led by Q School – 10 minutes

The Moleskin;

  1. Light turnout today for such a beautiful morning?  Pax? Where are you hiding?
  2. That was a lot of running this morning and you guys did great!
  3. Deliberately did not go anywhere near that soccer field hill…..nightmares about that thing.
  4. Great effort on the Balls 2 the Wall push ups!  Those are tough, but well worth it!
  5. Always enjoy leading these workouts, especially at MCP!  Great AO!!

2 thoughts on “Parking lots of Pain

  1. Dingo Post author

    @Montana – Great effort today! You are getting stronger and your commitment is awesome!

    @Funky Bunch – You look nothing like you looked a couple months ago!! #anewmanisborn

    @Bear Claw – Thanks for coming out! i hope your enjoying it a little??!!

    @Charmin – Strong push out there! By the way, we need to get you over to Tradition for a Q!

    @ONJ – Sorry about all the running……But I know your doctor is thanking me 😉

    @Phantom – You we quiet out there today brother! But there is no quit in you!

    @ Chopper – If you weren’t there, that could have been the quietest F3 workouts in history. Because you were there, it may have been one of the loudest!

    @BOS – Great push this morning! I believe I smelt some of that craft beer every time i got behind you 😉

  2. Charmin

    @ Dingo – Great lead today. I had to run for a 9 and 1oclock baseball game. My quads were hurting the entire time on the field. You killed them today.

    Anytime at tradition Dingo. Just let me know when you have a spot to fill.

    @ BOS – Enjoyed talking a little UFC while trying to run backwards. Always a pleasure.

    @ Chopper – I was a bit behind you but all of that talking about beer was making me thirsty. Hope you enjoyed one today. I know I did.

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