Age ain’t nothin but a #

24 men took Saturday morning as an opportunity not to hit snooze, but to beat back the clock in an ageless workout designed to turn back the hands of time.Plus… Bull just joined the 40 club. Duece, Doc Holiday, Solo Cup, Chaos, Constition, Oz and Tumbler better run counter clockwise a bit faster. Tick Tock 39


Mosey through the woods to circle up around sand volleyball court

SSH x 15

IST x 10

Burpees OYO x 5

Run Down Heart Rate Hill to Willy Wonka Pond

Merkin Stacker x 20

LBC x 15

Windmill x 10

Mosey to Sod Farm

6 lines / Indian Plank

-Back person 4 Merkins / Bear Crawl to Front / Plank and Wait / Repeat until done

Mossy to Soccer Field 1 and start BLUE stations

6 Stations: 40 of each exercise:

Rotate stations clockwise -Run track to next station counter clockwise

WWII Sit-ups / Merkins / Plank Jacks / Scorpion Press / Air Squats / Diamond Merkins

Circle Up Side Parking Lot: Elbow Plank to Plank Get-ups IC x 10

Start 3 WHITE stations

3 Stations: 40 of each exercise:

Rotate stations clockwise -Run track to next station counter clockwise

Close Grip Merkins / ‘X’ Press / Carolina Dry Docks / LBC / Merkin Stacker / Dips

Circle up for Mary

Squirm / Pretzel / Freddy Mercury / LBC / Low Dolly / Homer to Marge

 Mole Skin:

1) Happy 40th to Bull… his high school nickname “Super Cracker” is pretty accurate. He can still get after it! Proving that ‘age ain’t nothing but a number‘. It’s awesome to see how our group has an age range of 14-58. (Minnow- where were you today man? You posted 6 times this week…what’s one more?)

2) Thanks for letting me lead. 40 reps and an ‘almost full lap’ between stations was all this 40 year old could do.

3) FNG Tom (Opie) and FNG Devon came ready. #inshapealready

4) Duece went back for logs…before they got ground up.

5) T-Claps to Hootie. He communicates with the ladies at the Rocky River Coffee and helps us get our coffee quick.

6) Spartan Super is coming soon…I think?

7) Tumbler…I left you in on the 39 year old reference above, but since you fartsacked you’ll need to run double the counter clockwise laps. Tick Tock Tick Tock

7) Murph on Monday…see you there!



3 thoughts on “Age ain’t nothin but a #

  1. SSMinnow

    Sorry I missed this one. I’ve yet to experience a Swami led beatdown, and this one really looks like an old fashioned one!

    I ‘posted’ with the University RFYL running group this morning. You guys were on my mind, and on my tongue too…that is fertile ground for EH’ing….we’ll see how that goes.

    See you at the Murph.

  2. Gamma

    Swami – great workout this morning, although 40 diamond merkins is just wrong.

    Devon – welcome out to F3. Hope to see you back out there again. Strong work out there today….and happy birthday again to your son.

    Opie/Boondocks – great to see you back out there and earn your name. You guys will be leading a workout in no time….

  3. Constitution

    Great Job Swami! I could do that workout every time, it was a great balance of run and working out. I don’t know about anyone else but my shoulders were especially sore.

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