PRE-BLAST: SILVER BULLET EXPRESS – Summer & Do a Friend a Favor!


First, mark your calendars. Summer begins this Saturday, June 21 at 6:51 A.M. EDT. Come celebrate Summer’s arrival at Silver Bullet Express only nine minutes in – great way to begin the season. Suggested activity list for the first morning of summer:

0700 H at Christ Episcopal Church – Silver Bullet for 45 – 60 minutes of exercise and fellowship.
0800 H at Panera on Providence Coffeeteria – Fellowship, coffee, name your poison to replace the calories you just worked off.
0845 H Pick up the children and/or the grandchildren (girls and boys) and go to the Locomotive at Freedom Park.
Black Locomotive
0900 H F3 Dads – Workout with the youngsters and F3 Dads.
1000 H Fellowship in the park (not sure what this is but it with kids it has to be fun)
1045 H Free Time with the children/grandchildren – let them decide what to do.
1200 H Take them to lunch – ditto.
1300 H Return the Grandchildren.
1330 – 1530 H Nap!

What better way to celebrate the Summer Solstice than with F3 PAX and our children and grandchildren.

And now, word about Silver Bullet Express. When he heard that the work out would be a “CORE Light”, as quick as a flash The Nan’tan named it Silver Bullet Express. Having drunk only one beer in the 10 years preceding (after the GORUCK Light Challenge in September 2013) YHC had to consult with the younger family members to understand. Very humorous event for them. So, SBE was named by the Nan’Tan himself. After many discussions with others close to the starfish, SBE actually began on December 7, 2013.

Its mission is to provide a workout for men who have been less active over the last few years and for men who are recovering from an injury or some other physical issue. Overall, the goal is to return highly experienced men to leadership roles in our community and to improve their overall level of fitness. This exposes us all to the wonderful blessing of F3 Fellowship. SBE works! We are preparing to graduate our first two PAX and send them forward to CORE, although they are welcome to come visit at any time!

So, what about “Do a Friend a Favor?” Bring a buddy this Saturday. Go pick him up. Introduce him to the SBE PAX and then stay with him for the workout and Coffeeteria so you can show him the ropes, explain that he is only expected to do what he can and that no man is ever left behind. SBE starts together and finishes together. YHC will always be grateful to Do Re Mi and DREDD for getting him to his first CORE work out eleven months ago. Fitness is much improved, Fellowship is incredible. Faith is far Deeper.

Do a Friend a Favor. Bring him to SBE Saturday and introduce him to F3.  See you there!