To write a guide for the F3 masses who will compete this spring in the bi-annual USMC Mud Run is a daunting if not impossible task for any man.  Individuals and teams among the pax are both the best and most numerous contenders in this event and so many have a far greater knowledge than YHC.  Rather than attempt to gather the wisdom of countless others, let me present, on behalf of F3Columbia:


The Wiki-Mud is yours.  Sharing the link grants access and editing rights to what is intended to be a compendium of knowledge.  As such, it is incomplete without your investment in sharing the strengths and knowledge you have to contribute.

The Wiki-Mud is, like F3, for all men.  It is structured to be used by a wide range of guys with a wide range of abilities.  Whether you are a mud run deity or muddy midget, your thoughts and contributions are needed and have a place.

The Wiki-Mud will change.  Organizers of the Mud Run have already said that this year’s event will be different than events in the past.  The list of obstacles has been stripped from the USMC mud run site in an effort to make the challenge more mysterious.  This document will therefore adapt as new information and obstacles emerge.

Read it…  Use it… Edit it… Own it… The Wiki-Mud Link:


4 thoughts on “THE WIKI-MUD

  1. Sway

    Well done, FHead! Also thanks to Purple Crayon for the precursor to this Wiki. We have a wealth of information in F3 Nation — that will be evident in the final results!

  2. Uncle

    I read the stud section and added under gear/shoe, nice work FH. I’m glad they stopped providing a weinkie of the obstacles. Now we can all take the test without the answers and see who comes out with the best score. You guys don’t seem ready to go at all, I’m concerned..

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