The Magic Number

Date: 1-12-23

Pax: Sandtrap, Tombstone, Java, Mayweather, Neverland, Hops, Tombstone, Professor (Formerly FNG Duane), Mr. Safety (Apex visitor), Indy, Total Package, Buzzkill, Hipbone, Spud (QIC)

14 men went on a counting expedition and ended up A2M.  Great and 50 degrees, here’s the plan:


  • Mosey to steam plant
  • SSH x 20
  • ISTx 10
  • loose change x 10
  • arm rotations
  • Mosey to hospital lot above Hill 216 for


Simple 4 corners beatdown around the lot.  Corner 1 started with 22 merkins, Corner 2 with 22 squats, Corner 3 with 22 WWIIs, Corner 4 held 3 burpees.  Repeato once done, dropping 1 rep from each of the first three stations and adding 3 burpees to the final station each time around until time called.

Once tine called, pax circled up in one corner to do 23 low flutter in cadence.  Next, pax jogged to the opposite corner of the lot for 23 star jumps.  Then, pax stopped at Dixon academy parking lot for 23 dry docks before moseying back to


QIC impressed visitors with the most half assed broga you’ve ever seen.


Prayers for F3 Knoxville for the death of Cardinal, who was leading his VQ and passed out and died.  What a tragedy to teach us that life’s a gift and the next day is never promised.


Great Thursday turnout, big numbers, solid chatter, lots of burpees.  Slightly over 2 miles registered for my 5 trips around, some got more, others less.  Getting up to 15 burpees sucked.  Also the numbers added up to 69 which is fun.  Thanks for putting up with my bullshit because I got a lot of it.  Some solid chatter at coffee about a wide variety of topics including but not limited  to dumb women and Tombstone’s penis.

Wine em, dine em, sixty-nine em,


“The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less” – Brendan Behan