Whip It Out


Date: 07 JAN ’23 SAT
QIC: El Ab
Pax: El Ab, Boze, PT, P Ryan, Tomby, Mount-me, Hops, Luthor, Tupp, Cat, Finish Line, Neverland, Spud, LMU, Grover, Scooter

-Yoga Merks
-Eddie Merks
-Indian Run (0-2 burpees choice of respective pax) to top of deck(s) and back to OCT for cinder blocks squats-to-overhead press, eddie merks, cinder blocks curls-for-da-girls to overhead press and dying cockroaches– rinse and repeat until 7:30am bell rang ending the fun.
-Grover has worked hard for a new shiny Chevy truck he parked inconspicuously to show off/flaunt to pax at OCT
-Tomby offered any pax to play with his pecker rather than finish the workout– additionally, offered to “whip it out”
-All pax brought their big-boy pants on this AM as 16 strongly posted with enthusiasm, good morale and fortitude
Amy Grant song lyric: “We pour out our miseries, God just hears a melody– beautiful the mess we are the honest cries of breaking hearts… are better than a hallelujah sometimes– tears of shame for what’s been done, the silence when the words won’t come… are better than a hallelujah sometimes– better than a church bell  ringing or a choir singing out.”
Author-pastor-Phd Dane Ortland: “Fallen, anxious sinners are limitless in their capacity to perceive reasons for Jesus to cast them out.”
“He cannot bear to part with his own, even when they most deserved to be forsaken.”
Jesus does not love like us. He continued to the cross despite betrayal.  We love until we are forsaken.  He loved through forsakenness.  We love up to a limit.  Jesus loves us to the end.”
JOHN 6:37 “Whoever comes to me I will never cast out.”
Aye, El ab