12 Days of Christmas at Kannon


12 Days of Christmas

Q: Catfish

Pax: Cupid, Risky Business, Chopsaw, Heisenberg, Big Tuna, Schnitzel



Our traditional 12 Days of Christmas workout at Coltrane Webb playground with added XM’s Country Christmas music and a small strand of green Tree Lights. 

Day 1 – Run Lap

Day 2 – Lunge Walk

Day 3 – Star Jumps

Day 4 – Broad Jumps

Day 5 – Step Ups

Day 6 – WW IIs

Day 7 – Dips

Day 8 – Burpees

Day 9 – Peter Parker’s

Day 10 – Squats

Day 11 – Corekillers

Day 12 – Mountain Climbers


Moleskin: Prayers for a Civics test after the workout. I had to edit out the pullups and knee raises but the workout packed a punch per normal. Original workout worked out of village park but adapting around stage area near Patriot. You fellas have a wonderful AO. Coffee time provided an opportunity to catch up with old friends and hear stories from new ones. Sorry I forgot my phone. I would have been a nice add to have Country Christmas music. 

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