12 Poles of Christmas

AO: All-Things-Rucking
Q: Scrum
PAX: Peppa, Kojak, Gulfstream, heatstroke
FNGs: None
Some of the normal crew showed up for an hour of wet fun. They were a bit disappointed to learn that we were doing sit-ups and superman’s on the wet pavement, but they quickly got over it. Quotes from today: ‘I hate superman’s’ and ‘Scrum, is this an HDT workout?’. The answer was, “maybe influenced by HDT’. 🙂

– Ruck over to Pole 3
– Side Straddle Hop
– Imperial Walkers
– Squats
– Ruck back to ‘Base Camp’

“The Twelve Poles of Christmas”

First Round
– Sandbag Ruck out to the first pole, do 12 Sandbag Cleans and 1 Good Morning.
– Sandbag Ruck Back to ‘Base Camp’, do 12 Sandbag Sit-ups and 1 weighted Superman (hold a 10lb plate out in front of you)

Second Round
– Sandbag Ruck out to the first pole, do 11 Sandbag Cleans and 2 Good Mornings.
– Sandbag Ruck Back to ‘Base Camp’, do 11 Sandbag Sit-ups and 2 weighted Superman’s

For every round, keep sandbag rucking out to all the poles and decrease Sandbag Cleans by 1 rep and increase Good Mornings by 1 rep. Return back to Base Camp and decrease Sandbag Sit-ups by 1 rep and increase weighted Superman’s by one rep. Rinse and repeat.

Goal was all 12 poles, but we ran out of time. Some of the PAX got 10 poles, at least one only got 9 (UHC).

– Quick round of shoulder rotations and stretches

– Don’t forget to sign-up for @kojak’s ’12 Days of Christmas’
– Don’t forget to sign-up for Mt. Afton Challenge
– Overnight Ruck on December 10 at 9:45pm. Meeting at Pharr Mill Brewing in Harrisburg. 10 and 12 mile routes available.
– CRC Christmas Party – Cabarrus Brewing at 6:00 or 6:30pm. @Kojac to confirm

– Prayers for Ruck Club that got hit in Florida