I aint afraid of no rain

AO: F3Tradition
Q: kinglouie
PAX: kinglouie
FNGs: None
For the first time a King Louie Q was attended by the forecasted hurricane / tropical storm weather. Still no one else in the rain but the coffee runners.
WARMUP: The King Louie usual
THE THANG: Swings, Clean and Press Press Countdown, Teapots, Shoulder Press, Somersault Squats, High Pull, Shrugs, Lat Raise, Curls, Gob Squats, Shoulder Press, Extenions, pull ups, parking lot run, repeato til time.
MARY: LBCs, Dragon Flags, Mason Twists, WWII situps, Rosalita, KB Toe Taps, Serratus Crunch, Plank drag, plank, stretching.