The T

On this pre-hurricane morning 7 HIMs joined YHC at The Ridge to get stronger and faster.  We’ll see how that all ended up.  The clock hit 0530 so off went.  It went something like this……




Mountain Climbers





The start point was the ticket office and start with 10 Manmakers there.  We would always do 10 Manmakers when we came back to the ticket office.  From the ticket office run to Raging Ridge Rd and do the following:

HR Mericans

Leg Levers


Run back to the ticket office and do the Manmakers.  Then run up the middle road to the drop off lane gate and do the following:



Jump Squats

Run back to the ticket office for the Manmakers and then run left toward the practice field.  Do the following at the gate:

Shoulder Taps

Low Dollys

Mountain Climbers

Then back to the ticket office for more Manmakers.  Repeato this until YHC called time.  Started with 5 reps of each exercise and increase by 5 reps each round.



Various stretches


Count-off and Name-a-Rama





—-For Solocup’s family after the passing of his father-in-law

—-For the continued recovery of Constitution’s brother and Sugar’s sister

—-For healing of Exit’s son from his vomiting incidents

—-For Constituion’s M’s hairdresser who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer

—-For unspoken prayers



—-Our thoughts were with Zin after he had to bow out after getting dizzy after the Manmakers.  He gathered himself and decided to drive himself home after several offers to be driven home.  Get better brother!!

—-The PAX got spread apart so not much opportunities for chatter but YHC didn’t see anyone stopping so just alot of tough work put in.

—-It started out a bit more chilly than what we’re used to but once we got moving it warmed up pretty nice.

—-YHC hadn’t Q’ed at the Ridge in awhile so was great being out there leading again.



Gamma(R), Othello(R), Mad Dog, Exit 54, Peppa, Zin, Constitution