When: 9/24/2022
QIC: Java
The Pax: Scooter, Tupperware. Spud, Catfish, Hops, Popeye, Tombstone. Homeland. Luther, Fire chicken, El ab, Neverland
The THANG- Mosey to Coltrane-Webb Elementary schoolyard for Warmarama. Couple sets of mountain climbers, SSH’s, windmills, soap drop. Mosey to track around playground – 5 pull ups then a lap x2-3 reps then off to Carolina courts for the Thang – a modified version of Monopoly f3 edition. Pax were to grab a Monopoly card from a bucket at the top of the hill at the Courts. Cards were properties that had been copied off a monopoly board with multiple copies of each. Each card represented a workout based on the color of the property that was listed on a board. example: dark blue = 10 burpees, green = 20 merks done at the bottom of the hill; railroad – lap around the block etc. In addition the Jail card also showed its face – the reward, a trip back to Mary for a 1 min plank. After completing the workout for the first card pax ran back up the hill to the bucket for a new card and repeto, Pax collected properties during the workout with the goal to have the greatest tally of property value by the time Mary was called – winner got a prize. During the game: lots of modifications to exercises were noted, several pax decided that the railroad card was the only one in the bucket, one pax got a card without a workout listed on the board and prudishly pocketed it as a win and the q was reminded several times that the $60 Baltic was purple not blue (toner issue). In the end the winner was Catfish with $4010 in property. Most other pax started tallying – got interrupted during the count off, hadn’t taken a basic math course in a couple years or just couldn’t be bothered. Either way the prize was kindly shared by the winner amongst the Pax during Coffeteria. 
COT – Prayer for Popeye’s mother who is recovering at the rehab facility near ASEC after a fall that resulted in a leg fracture.
As always an honor to serve .