Back to School

When: 9.28.22
• QIC: Bozeman
• The Pax: Mountie, Skinner, LMU, Spud, FirechickenLuthor, Brickyard, Marlboro, Tombstone, Slash, Sand Trap, Popeye, Mayhem, Frostbite, El Ab, Checkmate, Mayweather, Wildcat

19 men showed up to show out with a chill in the air. To soon begiven great quotes. 

Mosey to bottom of new deck

Arm Circles
Loose Change

Head up the steps to learn the assignment. 

The Thang

4 stations top 2 levels of deck, representing elementary, middle school, high school, college. 

Start with 1, add one at each station until 22 (age of typical college graduation). 

Challenging to spend time thinking/praying over your students, teachers, schools during the beat down.


When you reach 22, the first kid that comes to mind, whatever their age is, do that many burpees. 

Start at 22 on the above and work your way back down. 

Q logged just shy of 2 miles, I am sure others got close to 3.

The quote:

I called this back-to-school special thinking about our students and teachers in our school system and across the country dealing with things that we would have never imagined. 

I made a statement “As you all know our community sucks…..” quickly followed by a standing ovation and cheers, as it was a statement well received and supported. I clearly used incorrect words and was attempting to communicate how our society and school systems are in a bad place for our kids and the future of our country and communities. My wife being a teacher has shared things with me that I can’t imagine dealing with. My heart breaks. 

So yeah, that statement was made, but in error. 

This community and more importantly this F3 community is incredible. Thank you all for what you do in the community and for each other. It’s awesome to watch and be a part of (hopefully I’m not asked to leave).

As you go through out your day, pray for the students, teachers, and faculties of our local school system. They need our support as much as we will need their support in the future. One day these students will be leaders in our communities just as we are today. Safety is key to our school systems today, as well as leadership and education that these students can look up to. Let’scontinue to lift them up, reach out to a teacher and let them know you care. Ask how you can pray for them. 

I will end with this, As a father to students and husband to a teacher, my heart sank when I heard the threats last week. Thankful to Mayweather and his military background to better understand why we weren’t quickly notified. I greatly appreciate the Concord Police Department (Mountie) and they way they handled the situation. 

Thank you for letting me lead, ill do better or at least say less next time. 

Be good, be strong, be leaders, as always, stay hard.

Bozeman out.