Low Impact does not mean Low Intensity

3 men joined me to make it a foursome for what promised little running.  Usually, that draws a crowd, but what showed up were mostly runners.  Fresh off BRR and nursing a bruised foot, I didn’t want a bunch of jumping, running, or anything that would be high impact.  The fun part about omitting running from a bootcamp, the reps and strength work goes up.  Quick disclaimer, some heckling of Buck for showing up after we started, questioning of MASH and his preworkout routine, and off we go.

Warmup in place:
SSH x15
Hillbillies x10
Toy Soldiers x10
Arm Circles

Slow Mosey to Tennis courts and lineup on the side.

Structure was simple-ish. Do the exercise, bear crawl across a court, do the next, bear crawl, continue to the end line, and come back down but switch to lunge walks instead of bear crawls.

5 Merkins-Bear Crawl
5 Merkins, 10 WWII-Bear Crawl
5 Merkins, 10 WWII, 15 Mountain Climbers – Bear Crawl
5 Merkins, 10 WWII, 15 Mountain Climbers, 20 LBCs – Turn around
Lunge Walk, 5 Merkins, 10 WWII, 15 Mountain Climbers
Lunge Walk, 5 Merkins, 10 WWII
Lunge Walk, 5 Merkins

Once back, we changed up the 4 exercises, but kept the mode of transportation across courts.

Round 2: Squats, Imperial Storm Troopers, Single Leg Deadlifts, Kickstand Squats
Round 3: Dry Docks, Peter Parkers, Bird Dogs, Mike Tysons

Shoulders are screaming, guys are complaining, sweat is dripping, SUCCESS….except we still have about 12 minutes left. Mosey to the center.

Repeato this set until Mary is called.

10 Derkins
10 Dips
10 Pull-ups
10 Squats
Mosey around the tennis courts (couldn’t completely omit some running, but definitely kept it light).
I think we all got 3 rounds in.

Pretzel Crunch x10
Homer to Marge with a low flutter mixed in there somewhere

– Lots of core work got snuck into this one, so I didn’t mine cutting Mary short
– Plenty of complaints about shoulders burning after all the combination of merkins and crawls (and that was only Round 1!).
– Always love leading you guys. Those of you that haven’t done it in a while, it’s fun, especially if you partially sadistic and enjoy listening to guys complain about pain (the good kind).
– Key takeaway today, just because we are light on running, doesn’t mean you won’t break a sweat or get the heart rate up. There are good ways to do that and not aggravate a foot injury further. Hoping that it will resolve this weekend and can get back to the normal routine next week, but if not, I can come up with more ways to get guys to complain!
– Prayers for Loveboat’s and Honey Do’s families

Always a pleasure, until next time!

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