YHC’s 5 year

Date: 09/02/22

Pax: Big Tuna, Big Blue, Gunny, Heisenberg, Risky Business, Grandmaster,  Cupid, Loafer, Shooter

QIC:  Shooter

The thang:  YHC came out where the F3 journey started 5 years ago to the day. Instead of getting creative, a quick look at the historical backblasts was done and the beat down from 9/2/17 was found and recreated.

Instead of writing it all out, you can have a read of Guinness’ BB from that day. The only changes were the exclusion of the Tunnel of Love and Merkin Circle and the addition of one more Indian Run.

Click the link to read:

The Kannon Rocks

Prayers out to Loafer for appt on his leg.

it’s been a great 5 years and honored to  have met so many F3 pax over the years in Kannon, MeCa and several other places around the country.  Always an honor!