Watch out for that Truck

4 gathered together as the post-vacation, pre-BRR party began.  I probably should have been running this morning, but with the 2 weeks prior to my vacation being Iron-Q’s, I figured I needed to give a go at as close to an Iron-Q as possible.  I think I shall dub it a bronze-Q (name subject to change) as it’s a little softer with Wednesday going to Uecker instead (not the Uecker is softer, but that I am only covering 4/5 days).  Anywho, get the bell situation sorted out as Buck’s kid took it out of the car and left it who knows where and he needed a loaner, and off to the courtyard.  It was found that the courtyard had zero breeze and all the humidities, but that’s for discussion later on.  As we walk our equipment to the location, a little chatter, a notice of the CabCo maintenance truck driving down the sidewalk, and comments on the construction left to do before the 1st day of school next week (They have a lot of work to get done to finish up the revamped courtyard entrance).

Line Hops-S2S, F2B
Low, Slow Squat
Arm Circles
Yurpees x5

The thing:
3 sets of exercises, conplete each set 3 times with reps of 15/10/5, followed by a run after.

Set #1
Single Leg Deadlift

Set #2
Split Squats
Calf Raises

Set #3
Step Ups
Lumberjacks Lawnmowers
Kickstand Squats
Tricep Extensions

After pouring sweat, and wanting to finish a little closer to the cars, called it about halfway through the third set and head to the ticket booth. About the time we got there, the CabCo maintenance truck was creeping out of the football stadium. Keep an eye on it and start some Mary.

LBC – Honey Do
Windshield Wipers – Buck
Pretzel Crunch – Mash
*** – We’ll get you next time Liquid Courage

– As we started those Windshield Wipers, the truck made a turn for us, so we moved over and gave him room. He came through and then cut down the access road next to us, but not before spooking us a bit as those lights (well one headlight at least) scanned across really quickly.
– Needed that break on the 3rd set, my shoulders were smoked after the first set, Lawnmowers sounded better.
– It was nice to find that breeze on the walk to the ticket booth. We got out of the vacuum that is the courtyard, but hey, some people pay extra for that.
– Speaking of paying extra, is Uecker going the was of Rerun and joining the local Orange Julius or Burn? Pictures are circulating…he assures us he’s staying, but can we be too sure. Maybe, but it still provides plenty of fodder for the week 🙂
– The respects had it this morning, 3-1. Glad they let me hang with them as a pre-pre-respect. Where are the under 50 guys? Kettlebells needs some bigger numbers, y’all need to show up!
– Come back tomorrow for day 2 of Honey Do as we take over Carolando.

Prayers for safe travels and a fruitful trip for Turbine and his mission team, for Ticonderoga and Blue Chip to heal up.