Peanuts’ Pallet of Pain

Pax: Life Alert, kilowatt, Clickbait, Sharkbait, Blindside, Vespa, Soprano, Pox, Goldenboy, Detention, Peanuts

Q: Peanuts


0530 a disclaimer was given to a group of pax including 2 returning FNG’s, looking to receive acceptance into the F3 brotherhood with hopes of receiving their new name.

Off we mosied to warmarama, with 3 late Pax searching us down and joining in.

Warmarama: SSH, windmill, penny pickers, IST, Tempo Prisoner Squat, tempo merkins, plank hops.


The Thang:

We hopped the fence and mosied around the school to the coupon stash, where each Pax carefully selected their personal coupon. Carrying our coupons to the basketball courts, the Pax noticed a pre-placed prop on the pavement. A pallet. What’s that doing here? They were about to find out.
The Pax circled up mid court and were each assigned a respective exercise. (Jump rope, coupon curls, coupon squats, WW II, coupon swings, coupon step-ups, dips, lunges, obliques w/ coupon, Apollo Ono, plank). The last Pax was assigned the pallet. The pallet was to be pushed across the pavement from one end of the court to the other. This was the timer, so once they finished the pallet push, the Pax would rotate to the next position.
We made 3 full rounds of this with adjustments to the pallet each round.

Rnd 1) straight pallet push

Rnd 2) Chains (rings from my kids’  backyard playground) were attached and 2 big coupons were added for weight. The pallet was pulled behind the pax holding the chains down and back.

Rnd 3) The chain rings were replaced by a chain swing which the pax would use across their shoulder and chest to pull the weighted pallet down the court and back.

Mary: short and sweet with one set off American Hammers. Recover! Recover!


Namarama, COT, & BOM


  • Welcome back to a F3 Kotter in Blindside. Hope to see you join us out in the gloom on the regular.
  • 2 returning FNG’s were named today: Sharkbait and Veaspa. Welcome to the Pax.
  • 1 coupon causality. Guilty party: Sharkbait.
  • The pallet has been donated to the AO for dealing out future pain, should you choose to use it.
  • Prayers for Detention’s M (colonoscopy procedure) today. And for teachers as they prepare for the beginning of a new school year.


Peanuts, Prop Specialist