Just what the doctor ordered

Sir Topham (the doctor) ordered a round of medicine to be picked up

at Walgreens this morning.

we had 1 biker, 2 ruckers and 8 runners today. Squid took off as he was in a big hurry to fight off whatever fungus he was battling. Risky was chatting it up with The Bigh Show. Heisenberg was looking strong when I turned around at Walgreens I was surprised how close he was to us at the front. Cupid strong and steady as always. I made it back to Big Country, who did some pre-running and we talked about the weekend and I had to walk some it was so humid. Gunny was moving good with still battling feet issues. Grandmaster and Big tuna where our Ruckers and Loafer was riding his hog.
good work fellas!