Speed Demons

9 other pax joined QIC for a fast and humid run day on his day 4 of iron Q. Our Engines got hot quick!! We had 4 bikers – Yellowcake, Turbine, R2D2 and Spaz. We had 6 runners – Sir Topham, Uecker, Honey Do, Mash, Pharaoh and Hop Hunter with zero ruckers.

The bikers wouldn’t tell me their mileage or pace after. So we can only assume they do like the Ruckers and ride over to someone’s house and chill until workout is done.

The challenge today was run a lap (1/4 mile) around parking lot and walk/jog next lap. Alternated a slow lap with a faster than normal pace. It helped my pace. I tried early to keep pace with hop hunter….but then my body said I couldn’t. Everyone else was putting down solid laps. Pharaoh was switching directions to not mess up his gate or to confuse us all. Mash and Uecker had some deep discussion going. Honey Do was running from the QIC and making me want the fast laps.

prayers: R2D2 foster boy and fosters grandma to soften her heart. Prayers for Liquid Courage and his wife. Uecker traveling, Major Payne Navy deal swim and run in NY. Turbine traveling to Brazil and I may be missing others. Continue to lift our brothers up!

A great day to lead. Thank you!

– Sir Topham