Summer School Sucks!

It was a glorious morning for a Dawghouse beatdown and 5 others felt the same way.  Heeee’s baaaaaack! Even had a Ticonderoga sighting. even an injured Ticonderoga didn’t have excuses today.

Day 3 of iron Q was a day of summer school. The disclaimer was given and we took off!

waramorama: 12 SSH, 12 IST, 12 Penny pickers, 12 Plank Jacks and 12 windmills.

The Thang: Mosey to school yard and school is in session. Did we graduate? Here is how it played out.
K- run

1st – 12 WWII

2nd – 12 squats

3rd – 12 Carolina dry docks

4th – 12 LBC single count

5th – 12 mtn climbers each leg is one

6th – 12 dips

7th – 12 lunges each leg is one

8th – 12 merkins

9th – 12 Freddie Mercs. Each leg was one

10th – 12 burpees (should have saved that for graduation)

11th – monkey humpers single count

12th – Russian twist. Each side is one

You had to do each one and work your way down. For example. Run first for k, then first and k, then 2nd, first and k. You get the idea….

Everyone started strong and Mash once again felt the workout was deceptively easy…at first! Yellowcake wished he had slept in and took another day off. Ticonderoga still represents even with injury! Loveboat just doesn’t care….from dehydration to beast mode and Uecker was there just because he knew wanted to be taught a lesson.

Welp like in all cases Summer School Sucks, you leave tired and maybe even a little pissy…but better for going!
Everyone made it to at least 11th grade I think and a few 12th graders in the bunch but no graduates yet! So I guess another summer school is bound to happen in the future!

Well done fellas! It’s an absolute pleasure and honor to lead and workout with you guys.

– Sir Topham